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Full Version: Is this a FAKE? 2017 Epcot Food & Wine Alice hinged pin
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Hey friends,

Looking for a second opinion on the 3-piece Alice in Wonderland hinged pin that was released in 2017 as part of the International Epcot Food & Wine event.

I bought this pin off another pin collecter and I am feeling suspicious about this pin for two reasons: The use of soft enamel and the waffling on the back appears to have a slight border. Before contacting the seller, I wanted to get a second opinion as I have never seen an original of this pin and I couldn't find pictures on the internet that was reliable to compare this pin with.

Can anyone provide me with some information about this pin?

[Image: 6WKuQNu.jpg]

[Image: oBQIH9O.jpg]

[Image: ZQbhgRd.jpg]