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Full Version: ISO pin collection to buy
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I am seeking out a collection to t0 buy.  Any pins that you are looking to find a new home for, not just a particular character or theme.  I'm hoping to find a large collection to buy as bulk. One that has a variety of oe, le, new and used pins. I'm open to fantasy pins and other collectibles that might be mixed in as well.
 In order to be transparent, I'm seeking this for multiple reasons:
- I always try to trade them in order to get my grails and even add them to my own collection
- I donate certain pins to hospitals and other organizations that wear them to cheer up their patients, especially now that we all need more help cheering up right now
- I give other pins I know others would like as gifts and surprises
- For any pins left over, I sell at reasonable costs to help pay for my veterinary nursing degree. I am not a shark, I base the price off what I feel would be the most reasonable for each pin and always try to help the buyer with offers and discounts and will discuss with them a price they are comfortable with.  Any profit made goes directly to my education so that I can graduate with a Vet Nurse license. 
If you have a collection to sell, or can refer me to anyone, please let me know and I will greatly appreciate it! Shy