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Full Version: DSF September Flyer!
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[Image: 1240472_558046520909748_1397352070_n.jpg]

Here it is!!!!!!
OH....MY....GOODNESS. These are AWESOME!
Oh, I like that Mulan pin. I may have to have that one.
If Mulan sticks with 9/28 release, I will be going to that one!
awwhh I want the sep 28 pins. <cry>
I'm in love with the Marquee!! <3
Yeah... I hate, hate, HATE having to go to DSF releases and have not gone since... I think Jumbo Jessicas with Psychopixie but... I think I have to go to this one on the 13th. Yikes...
Yeah, I really thought I'd go gaga for the LM pins but I'm not really a fan, with the exception of the Marquee which is nice. But I'm not really a marquee person. Actually the real winner for the month looks like Rapunzel. That looks like a gorgeous pin. I just need to find someone who's going to endure the craziness of that release who could try to get me one :/
I will update and edit this for each release.

Releasing Friday Sept 13th is the TLM pins.

[Image: 1236468_563761787004888_1186965512_n.jpg]
sat the 28th release rules:
[Image: 1374066_569408396440227_485824861_n.jpg]
So it's not 1 pp?
yes.. it is 1pp..... it says so. lol
wow this was so long ago... I remember the cold September morning. Waiting for those Ariel pins. The one and only time I camped out for pins... mmmm