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Full Version: ISO Nightmare in Disneyland Mystery set
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I have a few chasers from the “Nightmare Before Christmas in Disneyland” mystery box collection but I want the entire set. ISO list by priority below. Looking to purchase not trade (I don’t have any traders currently)

1. Oogie/Space Mountain
2. Sally/Pirates
3. Oogie/Matterhorn
4. Jack/Roger Rabbit
5. Jack/Small World
6. Zero/Dumbo Flyers
7. Harlequin Demon/Fire Dept
8. Witches/Caterpillar Ride
9. Vampires/Thunder Mountain
10. Finkle/Autopia
11. Swamp Creature/Submarines
12. Snake/Astro Blasters

Let me know if you have these.. I may update as I find them. Thanks!! 

I am also open to any of the jumbos or framed sets but they’re pricier so it is a slower investment for those. 
Good luck! If you have pictures of these pins, it would be easier to identify.
I actually found someone on eBay who had all of the ones I needed!!!! So I have the 16 pin set with all chasers ? I don’t have the jumbos yet but I’ve found them all. And I don’t know how to add photos hahah.
oversampling by Disneyland be vat Jack Skellington van The Nightmare Before Christmas! .Haunted Mansion Holiday Mystery Pin Set
Awesome you found them! Since you don't have a need anymore I'm wondering if you need the Haunted Mansion/ Attraction pins. LMK!