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Full Version: Disney Studio Store Hollywood Princess Event
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Disney Studio Store Hollywood's first pin event since being rebranded (from Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store) went off with a few hiccups.

Day 1: In order to participate in the raffle for the voucher to be able to purchase a set of the 10-pins, you had to go to DSSH on Friday, June 6, 2014 between 8 am and 12 midnight to get a El Capitan black wristband placed on your left wrist. Unlike other wristbands of days past, this wristband had a blue star stamped onto the white area.

The PTD started out as Fish out of Water (Chicken Little) and by about 9 or 10 a.m. had changed to Percy from Pocahontas. At approximately 1:45 p.m., it changed to Animal from The Muppets. A few hours later, it changed to Linguini, Friar Tuck, King Triton, and finally Mittens (from Bolt)

Day 2: In order to get a voucher, one had to be in line by 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Unfortunately, DSSH staff did not cut the line off at 5:30 a.m. (not enough security) and let everyone who had a wristband get a voucher (or so I was told.) The vouchers were not handed out until 6 a.m. An announcement was made that 1320 wristbands had been handed out on Friday, but less than that number appeared for the release. By the time the vouchers were handed out, approximately several hundred vouchers remained in the drum. You were given a blue raffle ticket (for the raffle at The Roosevelt Hotel) and your hand was stamped with a red X stamp, presumably to preclude people from putting another wristband on and going through the line again.

Breakfast was croissants and hot cocoa from Ghirardelli. Unfortunately, I had neither so I can't tell you how fresh the croissants were or whether the hot cocoa was made with milk or water. I did see that it was chocolate croissants for some time and then I saw the buttery croissants being rolled in.

It was chaos with the number of people who showed up that the breakfast line really did not move (well, there actually seemed to be three different lines of people trying to get breakfast and the crowd control was abysmal.)

SURPRISE PIN! Two surprise pins were announced. Brave Beloved Tales (LE300) and Ariel open storybook (LE400) that matched the Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, Brave, Cinderella, Princess & the Frog previously announced, making the set a 6-pin set of open storybooks. I was a bit sad because my voucher (#327) meant that I was probably not going to get the Brave Beloved Tales (or so I thought!)

PTDs for the day: Mittens, Rhino, Bianca. Mittens went by very slowly so that by the time my voucher #327 got inside, I was still able to get Mittens. I was even able to get the Brave Beloved Tales because there were enough lower number vouchers inside the drum. It changed to Rhino while I was inside the El Capitan Theatre watching the 1:10 p.m. showing of Maleficent. When I approached the door to DSSH, I was given an order form that identified all the pins available for purchase. Of course, I marked all of them down but I found quite a few people weren't planning to purchase all the pins. I contacted my friends who got bad voucher numbers and these lovely people were willing to let them buy the pins at cost.

The Event: The event occurred in a ballroom at The Roosevelt Hotel, approximately one block from DSSH. Once you purchased your pins, you needed to take your receipt, voucher, and order form to The Roosevelt Hotel to collect the pins. It was okay, but the line moved slowly. Once inside The Roosevelt, you could not exit the building unless you didn't want to get back in (or you had a higher voucher number that someone left behind)

Trading: There were at least 21 tables full of traders. There were cast members with lanyards standing by trading boards (gasp!) and the barrel of pins (unknown pins, in a bag, that you picked a bag and traded a pin for something unknown). Someone traded for the first King Louie PTD on the boards. By the time I got there, it was full of miscellaneous hidden mickeys.

There was a presentation about pins and we were able to view pins (framed) in the various process of production until it came to the final product. I should have taken pictures but I was exhausted (mainly from being up since 2 a.m.) We learned that each pin is hand painted (hence all the errors).

Artist: Christopher Garcia, the artist who designed the Brave beloved tales, as well as several (at least ten) Pin Trading Delight pins was at the back of the room, signing the Brave Beloved Tales pin (and/or card) that people brought to him. I should have taken a picture of his lanyard where he displayed all the pins he designed (sorry.) He had a computer which was displaying an Elsa PTD pin. He showed us an Anna PTD, Sven PTD, and Chernabog PTD when the girl behind me asked if he had any more pictures. I didn't have my phone on me so I was not able to take any pictures.

The Raffle: While I was at the back of the room, waiting in line to get my Brave Beloved Tales pin signed (and some friends' pins signed too), the raffle began. There were at least ten raffle prizes, ranging from marquees, stained glass villains pins, and PTDs being awarded to those whose tickets were drawn. I was one of the last winners and won a Red Pascal AP PTD pin and at least $50 (retail) of Ghirardelli chocolates.

Okay, I think that is it for now. I will be back later if I remember more.
Another hiccup:

Because the pin pick-up location was NOT at GSF/DSF, the cashiers over-sold the BT: Brave pin. Thus, extra BT: Brave pins were brought out (past the LE 300 count) and a few people received the AP (Artist Proof) version of the pin.
(06-08-2014, 10:18 PM)jazzytrumpet Wrote: [ -> ]Another hiccup:

Because the pin pick-up location was NOT at GSF/DSF, the cashiers over-sold the BT: Brave pin. Thus, extra BT: Brave pins were brought out (past the LE 300 count) and a few people received the AP (Artist Proof) version of the pin.

Thanks for the info. I should also update the original post to say that the Brave BT was officially sold out at voucher #372 (that's what Ed said at The Roosevelt) and that the full set (without the BT) so 11 pins (10 announced, 1 surprise Ariel book pin) sold out at some number between voucher #516 and 525.
Muffins !!
(07-01-2014, 02:17 AM)TheRetroNerd Wrote: [ -> ]Muffins !!

I didn't get any breakfast!