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Full Version: Serious Merge to DPB
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We need to get everyone on DPF over to to DPB.
Im going crazy.Angry
I understand totally. Wink It is a gradual thing and will take some time. Folks can be part of both.
(09-15-2013, 10:20 AM)Psycho Pixie Wrote: [ -> ]I understand totally. Wink It is a gradual thing and will take some time. Folks can be part of both.

I know...I hope more people venture over here.
it's still taking forever. I think we all need to print up business cards, and put them in with all pins we trade, and sell. Also everyone you meet, let them know. There are so many pin traders out there that don't even know about DPF, so we can get them also.
This is a good idea Smile

We can go look up Vista Print?
How do we get this type of information into our Profiles on the Board??

Pinpics Name: kadair76
trades: kadair76
wanted: kadair76
you want theirs: kadair76
they want yours: kadair76

Mike S.
I will check with Ryan
It is going to be hard since there is a forum attached. He has contacted admins and i think cicada about having links. no replies yet
I have looked at this site twice now and I know I am computer stupid but I can not figure out what I am suppose to do...
you should just be able to go to, login from the form, and then you will stay in the database. It looks like you havent entered the database after logging in yet. So if you find yourself in the forum, just click the red Pin DB! link at the top to get back to the database. There, just search for pins til you find some that you own, want, or have for trade. You can also add a pin to the db if it doesnt exist. Currently there are a lot of pins that have been created but do not have a pic yet. If you have any of those and can upload a pic that would be great as well. If you have further questions, somone is almost always in the chat room to help.
Let's get this ball rolling!
How do I change my name?