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Full Version: DSF= Ghiridelli Soda fountain
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Well, the majority of our members are involved on other forums, or FB groups, but I figured I would put it here as well. Especially since we now know more details.... This post is information heavy, please read entirely before posting questions or comments.

Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store is going to close for renovations at the end of September. The Disney Studio Store shall remain, however Ghiridelli chocolate will control the Icecream and soda fountain once it Reopens in november. The grand opening is set for November 15th.

During the down time, any pin releases for Movies, such as the 20th anniversary of Nightmare Before christmas, during the month of October will be handled by the El Capitan theatre. I did not get the impression there will be any other October releases during this change over. However, thor is set for El Capitan release on November 8th, which is prior to the re-opening, so I predict it will also be handled by El Cap.

Ghiridelli Ice Cream and soda Fountain shall continue the PTD tradition, with some changes. The information I have gotten from various online sources indicates you will be able to select a Sundae from the menu, rather than being limited to 1 style. There has been no word thus far if they will switch it to a higher edition size, or if the designs will be changed.

They have already announced that they will be doing a pin and sundae for the Frozen release in November. This tells me that chances are the new PTD's will likely be more of a theme style and be done specifically for movie releases. I do NOT know for certain, but that is my guess.

Cast Members: As many of you know, the majority of the employee's of DSF were given 2 week notice. For many this is cause for concern, but as someone who worked in retail for many years, I can tell you that it does NOT mean all the familiar and loved faces are gone forever.

There is a very high chance that the CM's will get first crack at interviews and new positions in the Ghiridelli store. Not all, but I bet some will be back. This gives the location a chance to weed out some of the less stellar CM's without cause for legal concerns. 3 people are being kept on, and they will I am sure, have some say in the hiring process for the new soda fountain.

That is all for now. If I glean more information from my sources I will update you!
I have yet to visit the new store. I am currently upset that there are no PTD's.... I was just about to go get some with random friends...and more PTD's... ppffff I wish things were the way they were last year.