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Full Version: How do we "Trade" via
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Hi, since PinPics is on its death bed, how do we TRADE pins via  Any recommendations as to how to do this, thanks.

Mike S.
Just put a post in the Marketplace with a picture of your traders and what pins you're looking for.

Welcome figment919
Hi, where is the "Marketplace" on the site lol!
BUMP. Where is the "Marketplace"? lol!
(10-08-2019, 05:46 AM)Figment919 Wrote: [ -> ]BUMP.  Where is the "Marketplace"?  lol!

LOL, on DPF?

Or do you mean PTDB?

On DPF, it's here:

I've actually never traded on PTDB, but I think you can just "send a message" to people who own the pin.
Thanks for this post, I had no idea either! I'm barely learning this site, so it's great to have others ask questions that have been forming in my mind too!