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Full Version: Hi I’m an English Disney addict ?
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Hi Everyone

I found myself looking for pins and trying to complete my collections . So being from England I’m basically years behind with my collecting but always keen to keep up if I can . So today basically I was in Epcot trading with a few guys a girls and found it was fun to get some pins and give some back.

Somehow found this Forum that looked good and wondered if you guys organise meets at Orlando Disney world ? Or if you trade using this website or others ?

Thanks ??????????

Welcome to PTDB!

We primarily use this site as a database (click above), rather than a forum. Occasionally, we use the chat room. This site was created as a forum/chat room when Disney Pin Forum (where most of us are from) was down for maintenance and we all wanted to talk.

As far as pin meets, we just report what we hear on various forms of social media
Hello TomKingsleyGBPins,

I'd love to trade with you if we have interests in what each other has to offer for trade. Look for trade name dznycrzyfmly.
wow great