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Full Version: October releases
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Link for WDW

Link for DLR/DCA

DSF/El Capitan:
[Image: 44D24963-A50C-4942-8E7E-5AD936E183E6-329...c8c391.jpg]

[Image: 1381920_605798442776407_749583013_n.jpg]

If more stuff comes available, I can update. feel free to chat about the releases and what you want, like, dislike etc. Smile
I really like the Jessicas. Loooove that they did a Cruella! And the new Mali is really cute, too. For those of us that can't afford the original Jessica Mali, this will be great. That Pascal in the pumpkin is just scary to me. Not sure what was going on for that look to get approved. I'm probably in the minority with this one, but I'm not wowed by these first Frozen pins, either. I was hoping for something really great but I'm not feeling these.
I like the Jessicas too, even though I don't typically collect Jessica so I'm going to wake up extra early to get there for them (hopefully).

And then back to Corona for the pin meet. LONG day...
dsf release Sat Oct 5th rules

[Image: 1384122_572513269463073_43224639_n.jpg]
No more DSF releases until November. How about you Pixie?