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Full Version: Images of Counterfeits
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This thread will be ONLY for images and details of specific proven counterfeits. Some examples: Jessica As series, some of the DA's...

Reply below ONLY with images and info for proven counterfeits.

This is not a discussion thread, it is an information thread. If you have questions about an image or pin someone posts, contact them privatly or start a discussion thread in this forum.
Instructions on how to post pictures would be helpful. This thread appears to have been empty for 5 years, most likely because of that.
Here is an image of a counterfeit DLR 2007 Hidden Mickey pin of a Pirate King from the Pirate Collection. The identifying feature was that the stamp of authenticity on the back says "pin tracing" instead of "pin trading". Other than this, you would swear that it was official, because the sides are smooth, the metal feels heavier than most fakes, and there are no suggestions of a fake on the enamel surface.