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Pin Pics Upgrades! - Psycho Pixie - 09-04-2013

Exclamation Pinpics updates are in progress! Exclamation

Check out the blog here:

They are working out a few unexpected speedbumps and should have it all running smooth this weekend. Rolleyes

Sign up for the Premium account in the month of september and you get 3 months free! Woohoo! $49.95 per year, no monthly option as yet.

Some of the differences you will see in the new pinpics are changes in layout, trade assistant changes, search engine refinement, more access to blogs, and pin articles, and a complete revamp of the pintalk forum to a pinpics forum.

Free account:
  1. Trade assistant
  2. standard search engine
  3. basic pinpic forum features

Premium account:
  1. price guide
  2. pins at cost service
  3. Multiple images
  4. grail marker
  5. value added trading
  6. top 25 trading pins list
  7. access to the new chat room
  8. early bird access to pinpic event tickets

Thoughts, idea's, opinions?

RE: Pin Pics Upgrades! - docfish2u - 09-05-2013

I will be joining this. Very cool new features

RE: Pin Pics Upgrades! - starry_solo - 09-06-2013

I will join too, but first I need to get my PP trades up to date!

RE: Pin Pics Upgrades! - Psycho Pixie - 09-06-2013

I think everyone needs to update the trades lists! lol

RE: Pin Pics Upgrades! - tinkerbelle1956 - 09-09-2013

I plan on purchasing the premium service once I get back from WDW.

RE: Pin Pics Upgrades! - Nettiejeanne - 09-11-2013

I keep my pinpics account extremely up to date. (I'm a little fanatical about it, actually!) I will wait to see examples of the new features before I decide. My pin budget is really tight...I'm actually supposed to be paying off my credit card instead of spending money on pins and pin related items! Smile But, then again, aren't we all??? Ha!

I am excited to see the new features, but it sounds like something I'll want, considering that I'm there every day!

RE: Pin Pics Upgrades! - Psycho Pixie - 09-15-2013

New pinpics is up and running.

FYI for one hiccup. do not click the remember me button. currently if you do that, the next time you go to log in it get confused and rejects you. Just sign in every time for now.

I believe we are working on getting the DPBB linked to pinpics accounts in the profiles, much the way DPF had it. Give us some time. We are still working out OUR kinks and bugs as well.