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What are your top 3 not to be missed attractions? What shows should not be missed? - Goren1818 - 08-08-2014

Hi all!
This is yet another great question. I would like to remind you all that this answer is based off of opinion! There is not "correct" answer here.
Top 3 attractions at Disneyland Resort:
1. Radiator Springs Racers
This ride is one of the newest rides at the Disneyland Resort. This attraction is not to be missed! It is very high tech. The ride actually takes you right into the town of Radiator Springs on the day of a big race. The ride ends with a high speed race against another group of guests. The guest really feels a part of the action. The only issue I have with this attraction is that it has a TON of down time. The ride runs on a slot car system. The slot car system is notorious for downtime. This is also the case for Test Track, a slot car ride over at Walt Disney World. The ride is also known for it's very long lines. It usually has at least a two hour wait. The best times to ride are during extra magic hour and in the morning. These times are when the line is at it's shortest wait. Fastpasses are usually available, but they tend to run out very quickly. In the end this ride is a not to be missed.

2. The Haunted Mansion
This a classic Disneyland Omnimover ride. An Omnimover ride is a ride that's vehicles move on a conveyor belt without stopping unless a guest is in need of assistance. The vehicle tends to be shaped like bowl on its side, but this is not always the case. Other rides that run on an Omnimover system are The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. The reason why I love The Haunted Mansion so much is because it is a true Disneyland classic. It uses old technology and maintain the Disneyland "Charm". It tells a unique story and has a lot of eye candy. This is a family ride and almost everyone can go on it.
FUN FACT: Did you that the main attraction takes place underground? The stretching is actually used as an elevator to take you underground and outside the parks main envelope. None of the main attraction is house d in the actual attractions exterior.

3. Alice in Wonderland
To be completely honest, this ride would not be on my list if it had not gotten it's major upgrades. This ride is a classic Fantasyland dark ride. I love how the ride utilizes projections. The projections do not take away from the ride or change the ride, they only add to the ride. I thought these new additions really take an old classic and make it fresh. There is a lot more to see and look at now. The rides outdoor portion provides a nice breeze on a warm summer day and provides a nice view of the park. This ride is not to be missed.

I also have 2 favorite entertainment options. Here they are:

1. Fantasmic

This show is magical! It is very cool to see a very high tech show and insane story to unfold on a calm island guests have the ability to go on earlier in the day. The show has a very clear message. The fountains, water projections, and pyrotechnics will leave you in awe and will force you not to blink because of the fear of missing something. Tired of waiting in line for characters? No Problem! You can see an entire boat load of characters cross the rivers of America. I do not want to give away too much information. There are many more surprises in the show that you will have to see for yourself. This show is not to be missed!

2. World of color

This show is also very very magical. It uses 3 huge water screens and tons of fountains in the waters next to paradise pier. This show is very similar to Fantasmic but is also very different because it does not use live actors and has an entirely different message. Once again this show will leave you in awe. This show combines many of the Disney classics movies into one 20 minute show. There is also an interactive game before the show called Mickey's Fun Wheel Challenge. This game allows you to play a Simon Says style game and if you win, you take control of the lights on the fun wheel for about 20 seconds. Fastpasses are available for this show. This is a not to be missed show!

I would like to remind you all these are MY top favorite things to ride and see. You may have an entirely different opinion. There are many other attractions that are not to be missed! It was very hard to pick, but I also wanted a variety of attractions. On that note,