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Pin Terminology - Psycho Pixie - 09-11-2013

Ever wonder just what someone is saying when they type a paragraph like this??

We went to DSF, the LE400 BT's were for AiW, BatB, TLM and HoND. PTD changed over to WtP Christopher Robin, is LE500 and stil 1pp. Next week we go to DLR for the PoDM release.

If your new to the pin trade hobby, or just rusty on your abbreviations and acronyms.... this is the thread for you.

Not all movies or terms have Acronyms. this can make it confusing at times. Sometimes things will have the same acronym! Talk about annoying, but when read in the whole sentence you can figure out which one it is meant to be.

**Movie acronyms:
Alice in Wonderland: AiW
Beauty and the Beast: BatB
Jungle Book: JB
Hunchback of Notre Dame: HoND
The Little Mermaid: TLM
Winnie The Pooh: WtP

**general acronyms/abbreviations:
Official disney pin trading site and upcoming releases: ODPT
Pin Pics: PP
Per Person: pp
Pin Trader Delight: PTD
Limited Edition: LE
Open Edition: OE
Limited Release: LR
Cast Member exclusive: CME or CM
Hidden Mickey: hm
Haunted Mansion: HM

distributor Abbreviations:
Disney auctions: DA
Disney DS
Disney U.K.: DSUK
Disney's soda Fountain and Studio Store: DSF *retired*
Disney Resort Paris: DLP
Disney Resort Hong Kong: HKDL
Tokyo Disney Resort: TDL
Disneyland Resport California: DLR
Disney's California Adventure: DCA *DLR/DCA are often combined*
Walt Disney World florida( all parks): WDW
Walt Disney Imagineering Studios: WDI

This will update regularly, and add as we go.

RE: Pin Terminology - lordsnoopy - 02-27-2018

Here a terminology list I'm keeping track of on several Facebook pin groups:

Common terms and abbreviations in the world of Disney pin trading:

ABD: Adventures by Disney, travels organized by Disney to a country which served as an inspiration source for Disney movies, for example: Scotland (Brave), Norway (Frozen) and Greece (Hercules). During the tour, travellers will visit multiple locations and visiting certain locations is rewarded with gift pin for the participants.
- AK: Animal Kingdom, WDW
- AP: There are two meanings here. There are Annual Passholder pins that are released and can only be purchased by an AP holder. Then AP also stands for the “AP” stamp found on the backs of some pins, which means that pin is the Artist Proof pin. Artist Proof pins are generally released in batches of 20-24 per pin.
- ASAP: as soon as possible
- Back Stamp: A pin's back stamp contains information about the pin and can include copyright information and edition size.
- BUMP: Bump up my post; when a comment is placed on a post it will move to the top of the page. If someone simply replies with "bump" they are doing just that so that more people will see their post.
- BT: a pin from the Beloved Tales series, released by DSF/DSSH. Limited to 300 pins.
- Chaser: a pin in a series where everyone is "chasing" after as it is more difficult to acquire compared to other pins from a series. For example in a mystery boxed set all designs are LE500 and the designs are announced beforehand. Upon release additional pin designs are found in the set with lower LE size. In terms of Hidden Mickey pins, chasers are primarily all silver versions of a normal issue HM.
- CL / CR: Cast Lanyard Refresh pins; in contrast to the Hidden Mickeys, these pins from Paris don't have a Mickey Mouse head icon stamped on the front. Unofficially limited to 1.200 pieces, first release is as a gift with purchase when buying a cocktail during a Pin Trading Night. The pins that remain will be released on the cast lanyards a couple of months after the initial PTN release.
- CM: Cast Member
- CME: Cast Member Exclusive. This means the pins were only available to cast members for purchase.
- Completer: A completer is generally an altogether new pin in the likeness/spirit of the original set. Some completers are only available if you buy a boxed or framed set of the series (for example the Chernabog pin in the Wicked Fun for Everyone set #92278). For Hidden Mickeys the completers are usually Purchase With Purchase some time after the release of the set.  
- CTT: Continuing the (Pin) Trading Tradition Pin, these annual pins were created for guest recognition by cast members. Guests may be awarded a CTT pin for demonstrating positive Disney Pin Trading etiquette and promoting Disney Pin Trading. Most well known CTT pin is the Scoop Sanderson pin that may be awarded to you for showing good pin etiquette whilst trading with Scoop Sanderson in Main Street, Magic Kingdom, WDW.
- D23: Disney’s fan club that you can join which releases exclusive pins and merchandise for members.
- DL: Disneyland
- DLR: Disneyland Resort, Anaheim California
- DCA: Disney's California Adventure, part of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim (California)
- DCL: Disney Cruise Line
- DLRP / DLP: Disneyland Resort Paris
- DMC: Disney Movie Club, members can purchase "VIP" pins if they have collected enough points.
- DOC: Disney on Classic, a symphony concert tour in Japan comprised of members from the Tokyo Philharmonic and New York / Broadway singers from Disney. Often release a cast exclusive and mystery set per tour / year.
- DPF: Disney Pin Forum
- DPT / PT: Disney Pin Traders
- DSF / GSF: Disney Soda Fountain which was renamed to Ghiradelli Soda Fountain in November 2013. The pins from here are almost always LE’s and released in small LE quantities.
- DS: Disney Store, Disney licensed online shops located in USA, Japan, United Kindgom, Germany and Spain amongst others. The pins they release might be shared worldwide, limited to a continent or even country specific.
- DSSH: Disney Studio Store Hollywood, refers back to Disney Soda Fountain
- DT: a pin from the Dark Tales series, released by DSF/DSSH. Limited to 300 pins. Villain spin-off series from the popular Beloved Tales pin series.
- DTD: Down Town Disney
- DVC: Disney Vacation Club, also a membership for vacation points to stay at any Disney resort or cruise in the world.  They also have exclusive pins and LE pins at each resort.
- EMP: Emporium
- Fabulous (Fab) Five: refers to Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy Goof and Pluto, sometimes used as an abbreviation for Mickey & Friends.
- Flip: commonly used when Pin Trader Delight pins are discussed. Flipping means that the current PTD design is sold out and a new design is available for purchase.
- FOF: Festival of Fantasy, pins based on the day parade currently running in the Magic Kingdom, WDW
- FP / Fantasy Pin: A pin commissioned or produced by Disney pin collectors that contains similarities to Disney pins, but has not been created or endorsed by Disney. These pins are not allowed to be traded with cast members, although collectors may trade for these pins among themselves.
- FREE-D: Free-D stands for Fastened Rubber Element on a pin for Extra Dimension. Pins that feature Free-D elements sometimes have discoloring issues and extra precautions should be taken to make sure that the Free-D element is not dirtied. Putting a pin in a bag will let the rubber turn black, using a plastic covering usually prevents this.
- FS / FT: For sale / for trade
- GWP: Gift with Purchase
- HM: Hidden Mickey: these pins used to be known as “cast lanyard” pins, but the name was changed to make it easier for traders to find, because the pins have small mickey heads stamped on the front. Sometimes also refers to Haunted Mansion when collectors are referring to a theme.
- HTF: Hard To Find
- ISO: In Search Of
- JDS: Japan Disney Store
- LE: Limited Edition, these pins are released in particular quantities ranging from 25 to 56,000. They are the most sought pins for collectors.
- Lenticular: A lenticular pin has two or more images that can change when it is tilted back and forth.
- LR: Limited Release: any pin that is marked “Limited Release” on the back are made in certain quantities but no one knows the true release size.
- MK: Magic Kingdom
- MOG: Mickey’s of Glendale: the Cast Member store on the campus of Walt Disney Imagineering  
- MS: Main Street
- NFT / NFS: Not for Trade / Not for Sale; abbreviation people use when they are showing pictures of their collection.
- OBO: Or Best Offer
- OC: Whereas OC usually refers to "original character", in pin trading OC mostly refers to the presence of the original card on which the pin was sold. Sometimes also referred to as MOC or NOC: Mint / New on card.
- ODPT: Official Disney Pin Trading
- ODTP: Official Disney Trading Pins
- OE: open edition: these pins are the ones found on the racks and are available until retired
- OUAT: Once Upon A Time, a television fantasy series
- PODH: Piece of Disney History    
- PODM: Piece of Disney Movie
- PM / DM: personal message / direct message, sending people a message in private
- PP: There are two meanings here: the website PinPics or Prototype Pin / Pre-production Pin. These pins are highly collectible in any genre. Only 1 up to 3 PP’s are released per pin. Pre-production / Prototype pins are received by product developers prior to a pin being manufactured. These pins sometimes contain different coloring, fills or features than the final production pin. The number depends on what the final product will be, as these pins may be different in size, texture, color, etc. The developers use these "test" pins to determine what the final product will be. Pin from late 2007 - now will contain a PP stamp on the back. Pins prior to late 2007 may contain a Pro Products label signifying it is a pre production pin. Some pins may contain no identification that it is a pre-production pin at all.
- PTD: There can be two meanings here: Pin Trading Day or -most often- Pin Traders Delight: these pins are sold when you go to the Ghiradelli Soda Fountain in Hollywood with a purchase of a Pin Traders Delight Sundae. The pin comes in a plastic bag on the sundae plate and they are released in batches of 200-750. Usually, PTD’s are released in LE 300s and / or LE 400s. Sometimes the pins are referred to as PTS.
- PTE: Pin Trading Event
- PTN: Pin Trading Night
- PTS: Pin Traders Sundae, synonym for the PTD: Pin Traders Delight pins.
- PWP: Purchase with Purchase
- r/c: Reveal / Conceal: a set where part of the designs is known and can be seen upon buying. The second pin design is a mystery. For some r/c sets each concealed pin design is partnered with a revealed pin design. For other r/c sets the concealed design is randomized for all the boxes.
- Retired Pins: Retired (or discontinued) pins are pins that are no longer in production. Disney periodically "retires" pins so they can introduce new pins.
- RSP: Random Selection Process. For some releases whether or not a person is allowed to buy pins will be determined via RSP. Similar to a lotery, it is based on luck. Usually Disney will give participants the chance to make a list indicating which designs have their main interest. Disney tries to grand everyone their first choice of preference, but often the demand is higher then the supply. It is a strategy based on luck which prevents massive queing during pin releases on events.
- SPR: Surprise Pin Release
- TIA: Thanks in Advance
- TDS: Tokyo Disney Sea
- VMK: Virtual Magic Kingdom was a massively multiplayer online game (2005-2008) developed by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts and Sulake Corporation and published by The Walt Disney Company.
- VHTF: Very Hard To Find
- WDI: Walt Disney Imagineering
- WDW: Walt Disney World (Orlando)
- WOC: World of Color, nighttime water show at Disney California Adventure
- WOD: World of Disney
- WTS: Want to Sell
- WTT: Want to Trade
- /pp: Per Person

Movie / Character abbreviations:

- AiW: Alice in Wonderland
- BatB / B&B: Beauty and the Beast
- BB: Brother Bear
- BH6: Big Hero 6
- C&D: Chip and Dale
- ENG: Emperor's New Groove
- FN: Finding Nemo
- GD: Good Dinosaur
- GotG: Guardians of the Galaxy
- HHG: the Hitchhiking Ghosts
- HoND: Hunchback of the Notre Dame
- HOP: Hall of Presidents
- IO: Inside Out
- LatT: Lady and the Tramp
- LK: Lion King
- LM: Little Mermaid
- MP: Mary Poppins
- NBC / NBX: Nightmare Before Christmas
- POTC: Pirates of the Caribbean
- PatF: Princess and the Frog
- RH: Robin Hood
- SB: Sleeping Beauty
- SW: Star Wars or the attraction: Small World
- SWat7D: Snow White and the 7 Dwarves
- TP: Treasure Planet
- WE: Wilderness Explorer
- WIR: Wreck It Ralph

RE: Pin Terminology - Recance - 04-09-2020

Thanks for the details