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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Pin Backs - pindreams - 08-12-2019

Don't know which type of pin backs to choose while wearing pins? Following are introductions of different types of pin backs, and their advantages and disadvantages:

Butterfly Clutches: Butterfly clutches are the most commonly used pin backs. They are light in weight and easy to attach or take off. You only have to squeeze the two wings on the back for fastening or releasing the grip. Butterfly clutch pin backs are considered as a standard option for people because they come with most of the pins and don't add any extra cost to your pins; The main disadvantage of these pin backs is that you may accidentally press on the prong and release the clutch, thus causing your pin to fall off. 
[Image: butterfly_clutch.jpg]
Rubber Clutches: Rubber clutches are newer to the market compared with butterfly clutches, they are tighter than the butterfly clutch, and are ideal for securing pins to jackets and bags. They are also skin-friendly and lighter in weight. But the real problem is faced when you use them on something that gets a lot of movement. The grip loosens eventually and causes the pin to fall off. But you can still use them if you are looking for a less-invasive option.
[Image: PVC-Rubber-Pin-Backs.jpg]
Locking Pin Backs: Locking pin backs have several different shapes, mainly divided into into two types: the flat head type and the ball top type, they use a spring loaded locking mechanism to lock the pin post, it's not easy to remove them by accident, and you don't need any tool to fasten and release them, it is very convenient to use; the only disadvantage of these pin backs is they are a little bulky compared with other types of pin backs, which may add a little more weight to the outfit or bag it is pinned to, but they are much safer than the butterfly and rubber backs.
[Image: Miltary_Pin_Keepers.jpg]
Pin Locks with Allen Key: The original Pin Locks with Allen Key use the most secure pin locking mechanism, they use a set screw to tighten the pin post, thus offering a very tight grip, you are almost impossible to lose your pins with these Allen key pin locks; The only disadvantage is that they require an Allen key for securing and releasing the grip, but they are still a very good option for using on pins that you don’t have to take on and off frequently, and their prices are much cheaper than other locking backs.
[Image: pin_keepers_with_allen_wrench.JPG]
Threaded Locks: Threaded locks have a vintage and neat look. They are not as widely used as the backs mentioned above nowadays; the swivel of these backs is that they are highly secure. But these pins require an extra tool for making a hole in them. Moreover, they are difficult to wear on jackets and other thick materials. Although commonly used before, they are no longer a popular option compared to other types of pin backs.
[Image: threaded_lock.jpg]

RE: The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Pin Backs - starry_solo - 08-14-2019

Thanks for the informative post!