Edition SizeOpen Edition
Release Date01/01/2008
Retire DateUnknown!
Original Price$0.00
KeywordsFab 5, Hidden Mickeys, Suspected Fakes Exist
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Added ByOlivia Desormeaux
DescriptionThis Hidden Mickey Pin features Donald Duck as a firefighter themed rubber duck. It is part of a five-pin Rubber Duck Collection. This pin has a backstamp that says "4 of 5".

Donald Duck is wearing a yellow fire fighters jacket with a red band on the right arm and wrist. He also has on a red fireman's hat and is in a sitting position.

There is a Hidden Mickey on his rear end. This series of pins are also known as "Hidden Mickey Pins - Assortment II" and can be dated either 2007 or 2008 on the back.

Pins in this series: 7076, 7077, 7078, 7080, 7081, 12362

Also called: WDW - Hidden Mickey 2007 Series 2

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