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Release Date06/24/2005
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DescriptionDLR - Magical Milestones: A Pin Celebration - 1957 - House of the Future Opens

This Open Edition pin remembers 1957 and the House of the Future Opening in Tomorrowland®. The pin-on-pin features the House of the Future made from PVC; the windows were done in a translucent blue fill. This pin was designed by Chris Chapman from Disney Design Group.

Did you know?
The House of the Future opened on June 12, 1957 and closed in December 1967. Built of plastics, the four-winged cantilevered house featured the latest in furniture and appliances. The house was so well built that when the wrecker's ball struck the house to demolish it, the ball merely bounced off. Demolition experts had to use saws and crowbars to take it apart piece by piece.

Open Edition
Released: 06/24/05
SKU: 9471687
Retail Price: $10.95

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