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Release Date06/24/2005
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DescriptionDLR - Magical Milestones: A Pin Celebration - 1961- Flying Saucers Invade Tomorrowland®

Celebrating 1961, this Open Edition pin remembers when the Flying Saucers attraction opened in Tomorrowland®. The Flying Saucer ride vehicles are mounted on springs, and the "Disneyland Resort" name is a dangle. Disney Design Group Artist Chris Chapman created the artwork for this pin

Did you know?
This attraction operated from August 6, 1961 to September 5, 1966. Individually controlled vehicles floated on a cushion of air. Beneath the floor of the attraction were 100-horse power motors. Together, the motors blew more than 300,000 cubic feet of air per minute up to move the ride vehicles. However, the technology at the time wasn't perfected. So, the attraction was constantly breaking down.

Open Edition
Released: 06/24/05
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Retail Price: $10.95

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