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Release Date06/24/2005
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DescriptionDLR - Magical Milestones: A Pin Celebration - 1989 - Splash Mountain Opens

Guests can find their "laughin' place" with this Open Edition pin. Splash Mountain opened in Critter Country on July 17, 1989. This pin features Brer Rabbit mounted on a spring so he moves from side to side. The "Splash Mountain" logo is a pin-on-pin. Disney Design Group Artist Chris Chapman designed this pin.

Did you know?
At opening, this attraction featured the longest flume chute in the world - 52-feet at a 45 degree angle. Disney designer Tony Baxter came up with the idea for the attraction while stuck in his car during rush-hour traffic in 1983.

Open Edition
Released: 06/24/05
SKU: 9477139
Retail Price: $10.95

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