Edition SizeLimited Edition 300
Release Date08/23/2019
Retire DateUnknown!
Original Price$89.95 USD / $125.95 CAN / 6 pins, D23
AP/PPAPs Exist, PPs Exist
Added Bystarry_solo
DescriptionDS - Pixar Backstage - Under the Lamp - Director's Approval Stamps Boxed Set - I Guess It's OK...Approval Stamp

This pin features a half man - half fish creature, wearing glasses and swimming. Bubbles are seen on this pin. The words "I guess it's ok..." appear on the pin.

When is a pin more than a pin? When it's an authentic replica of the stamps used by Pixar film directors to mark each piece of development art "approved!" We hope you "approve!"

Released at the Disney Store at the D23 2019 Expo in Anaheim, California.

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