Edition SizeLimited Edition 100
Release Date08/17/2006
Retire DateUnknown!
Original Price$18.00 or 129.00 for Set, Disney Auctions (DA)
Added ByPrince Pongo
DescriptionThis pin is part of a 6 pin limited edition series featuring some of Disney's greatest villains and the unfortunate characters they torment.
This pin depicts Yzma, Kuzco's royal advisor, sitting in Kuzco's throne as he does a dance in front of her.
This is pin has a spinner element and the reverse side of the pin features Kuzco in his llama form holding Yzma in her kitty form.
The top part of the pin has the words: "Disney Villains" printed in gold against a purple background in the shape of an oval. This oval is surrounded by an ornate golden border.
The reverse side of the border features the Disney Auction gavel-patterned back and the Disney Auctions holographic bubble.
This pin was originally sold through Disney Auctions, but the pin also showed up on the Disney Store online individually and in a set with the other pins in the series. Prices varied between sites.
Gold finished
This is a large pin measuring 2 1/2" tall