Edition SizeLimited Edition 400
Release Date07/01/2022
Retire Date07/01/2022
Original Price$28.95
KeywordsMarquee, Marvel
GimmicksPin On Pin
AP/PPAPs Exist, PPs Exist
Added ByTheMickeyMouseRules
DescriptionDSSH - El Capitan Marquee - Thor: Love and Thunder

El Capitan Marquee #232

This is the Marquee pin for the initial release of MARVELs "Thor: Love and Thunder". The Marquee is the traditional El Capitan, Hollywood, Theater Marquee with the movie title centered in red, blue and white - in all caps. The frame is red black and blue. The hammer and axe appear on each side. (Mjölnir (hammer) and Stormbreaker (axe) are gold-chrome pin-on-pin elements.)

Part of a six (6) pin set released in line with original movie release.

Pins in series include: 46440, 46441, 46442, 46443, 46444, 46445.

Keyword: Mjolnir