Edition SizeLimited Edition 2750
Release Date07/12/2022
Retire DateUnknown!
Original Price$19.99
KeywordsVillains, Sword in the Stone
GimmicksPin On Pin
Added ByTheMickeyMouseRules
DescriptionDLR - Our Transformation Story - Madame Mim

This is the seventh release in the "Our Transformation Story" a alternating monthly release pin collection for 2022 at Disney Parks (alternates releasing at WDW and DLR each month.)

This pin features the villain Madame Mim from the animated Disney film "Sword and the Stone" as herself, 'sexy' Mim and her dragon incarnation.

Mim is pin on pin in the bottom corner. She has wild purple hair, green eyes and a red/purple shirt. Sexy Mim has styled hair and more fashionable clothing. Dragon Mim is all purple and her paws/hands are clasped. The background is orange flames/fire and translucent fill green bushes.

Pins in the series: 44384, 44796, 45266, 45595, 45802, 46339, 46653

- two posts
- 4 boxes (DPT logo, Copyright, FAC, LE)
- Mickey icon waffle pattern
- Silver finish