Edition SizeLimited Edition 100
Release Date08/17/2006
Retire Date07/18/2008
Original Price$140.00 set of 6 pins *Also sold in 2008 for $129 for the set of 6 (Item 99576P), Disney Auctions (DA)
GimmicksGlitter, Spinner, Jumbo
AP/PPAPs Exist, PPs Exist
Added Byjadeites-lady
DescriptionThis is a pin from a set of six (6) Villains spinner pins features Villains and Heroes / Heroines / Princesses and is from Disney Auctions.

This pin features Hades (the villain) on one side with Megara. On the other side, it features the back of Hades and Hercules. From Walt Disney's "Hercules."

The top part of the pin has the words: "Disney Villains" printed in gold against a purple background in the shape of an oval.

This oval is surrounded by an ornate golden border.

The set features the following movies and characters:

Hercules: Hades with Hercules (on one side) and Megara (on the other side)

The Little Mermaid: Ursula with Ariel. Ursula is also shown in her human form, as Vanessa

Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent (in her human form) with Briar Rose. Maleficent is also shown in her dragon form.

Snow White: Evil Queen with Snow White. On the other side, the Old Hag is shown.

Emperor's New Groove: Kuzco and Yzma, in their human form on one side and their animal (donkey and cat) form on the other side.

Aladdin: Jafar and Jasmine. Jafar is also shown in snake form.