Edition SizeOpen Edition
Release Date04/07/2024
Retire DateUnknown!
Original Price$0.00 / trade
KeywordsPrincesses, BatB, Hidden Mickeys
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Added Bystarry_solo
DescriptionWDW - Hidden Disney Series 2024 - Character Ear Hats - Cogsworth

Cogsworth is from Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The head / cap of the ear hat is brown and yellow. One ear has Cogsworth's clock face. The other ear has a yellow key hole. The middle of the ear hat, between the two ears, has a pendulum. A hidden mickey icon is in the key ear.

There are five boxes on the back of the pin:
- ODPT / Authentic Disney Pins logo;
- (c) Disney;
- Hidden Disney Pin 4 of 5 (two lines);
- Mickey Icon Stones Authenticator;
- Made in China.

This open edition pin is part of set 1 of the Hidden Disney / Mickey series of pins released at Walt Disney World for 2024, which features various characters as ear hats.

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