Edition SizeLimited Release
Release Date04/09/2024
Retire DateUnknown!
Original Price$17.99, DLR/DCA, WDW
KeywordsThe Little Mermaid
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DescriptionWDW/DLR - Earth Day 2024 - Ariel The Little Mermaid Pin

The pin features Ariel holding a recycling container with the Earth in the background.

The Earth is about 71% water, so Princess Ariel is determined to keep the seas thriving for future mer-people by proclaiming Earth Day 2024 events in Triton's kingdom. Spin the globe on this cloisonné pin to help her celebrate the date.

Magic in the details
* Limited Release
* Spinner pin design
* Features Ariel
* ''Earth Day 2024'' text
* Spin the globe in Ariel's treasure grotto
* Enameled cloisonné