Edition SizeOpen Edition
Release Date01/01/2008
Retire DateUnknown!
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KeywordsPrincesses, Snow White, Hidden Mickeys, Suspected Fakes Exist
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DescriptionThis pin features Snow (Snow White) looking into a rear view mirror

This pin features Snow White from "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" looking into a red rearview mirror with her name on it - you can see her eyes. This is a Hidden Mickey Cast Lanyard pin available by trade with a Cast Member in one of the parks. This series of pins are also known as "Hidden Mickey Pins - Assortment II" and can be dated either 2007 or 2008 on the back. Measures 1 & 5/16 inches by 9/16 of an inch. Says on the back "Hidden Mickey Pin 5 of 5 Official Pin Trading 2007 or 2008 © Disney China"

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