Edition SizeLimited Edition 150
Release Date04/05/2020
Retire DateUnknown!
Original Price$65.00
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Added Bydisneykins
DescriptionThis Exclusive mini Jumbo Collector Pin is the second pin of a series featuring Stitch and Angel from the classic series of Lilo and Stitch and is titled “Ke Aloha” which means “Beloved” in Hawaiian. Angel on the left is hugging Stitch, the blue/gray Alien from behind.

The pin measures approximately 2.75" by 2.00" and is approximately 4MM in thickness.

It is a fully licensed and authorized Disney Exclusve Artland product from

Ke Aloha is an officially Disney licensed pin made by Artland including a custom backing card and will be an exclusive for the attendees of the PTA (Pin Trading Avond) in the Netherlands. If there are any remaining pins, they will be released in the U.S. in May.

This pin has a Limited Edition Size of 150 pins.

Officially Licensed Artland Exclusive Pin.