Edition SizeOpen Edition
Release Date03/28/2021
Retire DateUnknown!
Original Price$9.99
KeywordsFab 5, Parks/Attractions
Added Bystratasfan
DescriptionPart of an Open Edition set spotlighting the International Countries in World Showcase at EPCOT in Disney World. This pin features Minnie (left) and Mickey (right) with a golden yellow scooter. Minnie is perched on the seat in an aqua dress with matching bow. She's holding a pink ice cream cone in her right hand. Mickey is leaning on the front of the scooter, wearing blue pants, brown shoes, a white shirt, a yellow jacket and a brown hat. He's holding a cup of coffee in his left hand. The background of the pin is a greyish-blue, and lettering at the bottom reads "Italia EPCOT World Showcase".

This pin was released at Pin Traders in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.