Edition SizeOpen Edition
Release Date04/17/2023
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Original Price$17.99, DLR/DCA, WDW
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DescriptionDisney Parks - Supporting Cast Series - Moana

Features characters from Moana. Tamatoa (purple crab), Hei Hei (yellow, green, red, big eyed rooster, on sand), Pua (white and pink pin, sand with shells), Kakamora (brown, fighting coconuts), Ocean (wave, blue water) and hawk Maui (flying, wings wide) surround Te Fiti, who is in human form in a green tunic or dress.

Pin has some slightly raised features (ie, enamel is not smooth.) Background sky is translucent fill.

This pin was also released on Shop Disney Store's website. Description from website: Moana Supporting Cast Pin

From the cast of Disney's Moana come the colorful characters of Oceana in a fresh, contemporary look as seen on this dazzling cloisonné pin that will take collectors on a tropical island adventure.

Magic in the details
• Design includes Pua, Hei Hei, Te Fiti, Maui as falcon, Tamatoa and various Kakamora
• Enameled cloisonné
• Nickel finish
• Disney Pin Trading 2023 backstamp
• Mickey icon pin backs
• Comes on Disney Pins card
• Inspired by Disney's Moana (2016)

The bare necessities
• Metal (zinc alloy) / enamel
• Approx. 2 1/4'' H & W
• Imported

Item No. 465054983240

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